More than 90 years

Georgiadis S.A. is an industrial and commercial unit that was founded in 1923 and is operating in the design and production of packaging and printing. We have solidified our powerful presence in the Greek market through steady growth and large investments, while, over the last few years, we have managed to develop globally through strategic partnerships.

Having almost a century-long presence in the field, we have achieved to create a bond of trust with our clients through the development of innovative solutions tailored to their needs for both industrial and small and medium-sized businesses.

Our know-how and state-of-the-art equipment for printing and applications guarantee our ability to offer novel and technologically innovative solutions for each and every one of our projects.

Our company offers a wide range of solutions in the design and production of packaging, covering the needs of businesses with both low and high production volume, as well as customized options.

Quality and reliability are of paramount importance in every business activity that we pursue. Through our R&D department that handles the research, development and analysis of specialized applications and modern trends, as well as the Quality Assurance and Control department, we ensure the creation of attractive printing and packaging products that guarantee the best value for money.

The wide range of our portfolio, our understanding of business and consumer needs, as well as our ability to provide integrated solutions at a fast pace, make us the perfect business partner for you.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide businesses of both the domestic and international market with quality, reliable and innovative printing and packaging products. Even though our company belongs to the wide field of printing, we believe that what we offer is more than just ink on paper. Our company aims to produce Success.

Our goal is to remain one of the largest printing and packaging companies in Greece, maintaining a steady positive rate of growth and the preference of our clients and partners, due to their trust in the products that we produce.

Our mission

The goal of our company is to be recognized as a point of reference for excellent services it offers and the high quality of its finished products. All our actions and all our decisions aim at the improvement of the services that we offer to our clients, in order to ensure their trust in us; our investment in large and modern production units, using cutting-edge technologies, the professional development of our employees and the development of our profitability through the enrichment of our product portfolio and its expansion globally.

The consumer is the key element that unities all types of businesses, ranging from high-tech industries to start-ups. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. Having consumers’ experiences and strategic planning as our focus, Georgiadis S.A. implements ideas and technologies that cover our clients’ needs, enhancing the value of the finished product.


We are a team with common goals and vision, communicating freely and honesty with each other.


We share on both a personal and professional level the commitment for the assurance of our employees’ health and safety.


We treat our employees and partners with professional dignity and respect, promoting a corporate environment of trust.


We cooperate with our clients and we commit in finding unique and effective solutions, adapted to their every need.

Our presence in the market

We are one of the most dynamic printing and packaging production companies in Greece with a powerful presence in the market of standard products packaging.

Over the last 10 years, having an average annual increase of 9% of our turnover and having as a goal to offer our clients competitive and innovative solutions in the field of packaging, we are constantly developing in an effort to cover the needs of both domestic and multinational companies.

Average annual turnover increase 9%
Annual turnover on investments in new technologies (for the last 2 years). 35%
Increase in human resources from 2014 to early 2019. 25%

Our growth is based on strategic directions that combine:

  • Investments in production units and new technologies.
  • Continuous development and optimization of our services and products.
  • Continuous development and training of human resources.
  • Sincere and direct communication with our partners.
  • A well-defined corporate philosophy based on the principles of quality, development, professional and flexible management.

Every costumer and every project is a true corporate relationship.