We are committed in working closely with our customers. We communicate, consult and hear your opinion at every step of the way.

For us, every project that we carry out constitutes a unique case that requires special treatment. By following widely accepted standards and implementing organized and controlled processes from the first to the last stage of production, we ensure high efficiency, good quality and timely implementation.

The know-how of our human resources, as well as the update of our technological equipment at regular intervals, enable us to offer technical solutions that meet the requirements of modern day living and a competitive business environment.

Innovation in product design and production

We work closely with food experts for a quick and efficient design and technical evaluation. We support our customers in choosing the best value for money products by giving them the option of minimum quantity for high-end work.

We produce innovative custom-made food and beverage packaging projects. With a detailed understanding of working on different products, we are exploiting production potential, based on trade constraints.

Consulting Services

Our experienced team focuses on meeting our clients’ specific needs and provides guidance on the optimal – financial, technical and creative – solution for packaging and printing.

Base Materials

We choose the right base materials that meet the requirements of each packaging – printing project through a wide range of products that are often renewed and enriched with new, modern and innovative materials.

  • Corrugated fiberboard B, C, D flute
  • Mikrowelle E, F flute
  • Recycled cardboard
  • FBB (Folding boxboard)
  • Food & Beverage board
  • Kraft board
  • Coated Paper
  • Chromo Paper
  • Paper Foil


Through modern and impressive methodologies used by the Finishing department, our goal is to add value to the final printed piece that meets the requirements and specifications of each project. With the use of MGI JET varnish 3D Evo & AIS SmartScanner © we leave the world of graphic arts and follow the psychology of Marketing.

  • Embossed
  • Gold Foil Stamping
  • Glitter
  • Gloss Lamination Bopp
  • Matte Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination
  • Glitter Lamination
  • Gloss UV Varnish
  • Soft Touch
  • Gloss Emulsion
  • Satin Emulsion
  • Matt Emulsion
  • Drip off Matt / Gloss Pearlescent
  • Scent Varnishes

Packaging aesthetics play a key role in consumer decision making.


When it comes to a product that reflects the philosophy and character of the company, packaging requires special attention. We work closely with the customer to find the right package that will meet his/her needs and requirements.


Food packaging

Special applications for low / high temperatures and many different solutions. All materials are characterized by high thermal stability and minimal odour. In addition, they are certified for food packaging in accordance with FDA 175.105 & EU 10/2011 regulations.Combining the highest possible look and texture, we create a range of packaging suitable for the most demanding clients. Using special inks, high quality materials and premium finishes, in accordance with no. 1935/2004 European Regulation, we manage to give the brand its integrity and quality.


Beverage Packaging

We offer a wide, attractive and comprehensive catalogue of beverage paper packaging. All our packages offer easy opening, optimum service life and the ability to maximize your brand’s visibility.


Medicines and Cosmetics

Packages of personal care products, medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics, using a variety of base materials and multiple types of finishes. There are various packaging options available in terms of their geometry, type of appearance, how they are promoted and how they are used by the end consumer.


Magazines, Catalogues and Books

Through a wide range of printing options we aim at finding the one that best fits the needs of your printed form. Through our advisory service we will guide you on the weight – type of paper, colours, textures and printing techniques (varnish, lamination, cutting), which will provide you with a unique end result.


Label Prints

Production of a sheet label for any substrate. The finish is emphasized due to the fact that the label depicts the profile of the product.